Outreach Ministries

reaching out to our community

  • Meals That Heal

    Feeding the Hungry

    This is our largest and one of our most impactful ministries. Our Meals that heal team goes out on Sunday mornings feeding at least 80 individuals and families per week. We also provide the necessary supplies these families need to survive outside all year round. Every 5th Sunday we have a huge cookout and spend 2-3 hours with families that are homeless. It is our goal to communicate the Love of Christ through our consistent actions.


  • Face 2 Face-Inmate Release Program

    Helping to Trasnistion Back into the Community

    Our Face 2 Face team consists of men in our church who are committed to sacrificing an evening to assist inmates who are released in the middle of the night. We feed them; provide a cell phone for them to utilize and when necessary provide transportation home for those that cannot arrange to be picked up. We meet the Sheriff’s department at the Victorville Courthouse 3 times a week on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at 10:30 pm.  

  • Second Chance Ministry

    Bringing Hope to Incarcerated Youth

    Our Second Chance Ministry Team mentors teens that are incarcerated in the Apple Valley Juvenile Detention Center. We are consistently mentoring them on a weekly basis, both Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. The results have been measurable with the number of attacks on the prison staff dramatically lessened since our involvement.


    We minister to them every Thursday and Sunday Morning.           

  • Seeds of Hope

    Serving Our Seniors

    Our Seeds of Hope team was the first compassion team to launch here at Abundant Living. It is very special to us as it serves a population that is normally forgotten. They visit the convalescent home every other Sunday to minister to patients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Miracles take place when our team takes the love of Christ into each facility.


    We visit the convalescent home every other Sunday to minister to patients with Dementia and Alzheimers Disease.